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January 17, 2024

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BeMultilingual Dubs Viral Animated Series Pilot Episode for Glitch Productions

The Amazing Digital Circus Dub
How Mr. Beast Consistently Gets 100M Views1/15/2024 3 min read

How Mr. Beast Consistently Gets 100M Views

How do you stand out in a crowd of 113 million people? In the ever-changing landscape of YouTube, content creators are always searching for innovative ways to get their content viewed by more of the platform’s 122 million daily users.  Jimmy Donaldson, better known as "Mr. Beast," is one such trailblazer who has mastered the art of captivating audiences all over the world. At only 24 years old - and with over 231 million subscribers - he has rocketed his way to the top, and is currently one of YouTube’s most viewed and highest-paid creators,In 2021, Mr Beast’s YouTube subscribers jumped from 40,000 to 54 million. So what changed? Dubbed videos. On July 8, 2021, he released his first multi-language videos in Spanish.  In the months that followed, videos dubbed in Arabic, Bengali, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese were added to the collection, shooting his views and subscribers into the hundreds of millions. As Mr. Beast points out in this interview with Joe Rogan, “less than 10% of the world speaks English, so if you are creating content only in English, 90% of the world can’t even enjoy it”. In the beginning, his strategy involved launching separate YouTube channels with content dubbed in various languages. However, when YouTube introduced the multi-language audio feature in late 2023, Mr. Beast seamlessly transitioned, integrating his Hindi channel, among others, into his primary channel. This strategy not only streamlined content but also centralized his audience, leading to higher views and engagement.  Dubbing his videos led to a meteoric rise in Mr. Beast's viewership. Videos that used to get decent numbers were suddenly getting millions of views. For example, his video dubbed into 12 languages skyrocketed from 15 million to nearly 200 million views.Mr. Beast attributes the success of his dubbed videos to the fact that they go beyond a simple translation to ensure the content resonates across different cultures. This approach has made his Hindi channel - Mr. Beast Hindi - one of his most popular channels. Accurately translating each video into all of those languages while preserving the tone and intent can - understandably - be a challenge in itself. That’s why having a team of trusted experts to lean on can not only make sure your videos are the professional quality you are looking for, but it also takes the pressure off you as the creator to do it yourself.  At BeMultilingual, we make the process of dubbing your videos easy. Available in over 20 languages, we transform your English video into a professional, fully finished project, ready to upload to your channel.   For example, our recent client, Glitch, recently dubbed this video into 12 languages, including German - a move that helped launch their views from 15M to almost 200M per video. "The team at BeMultilingual have been extremely professional and provided great translation services that boosted our video's performance." - Glitch Another client, JerryRigEverything has this to say about our services: “Only 5% of the planet natively speaks English. I'm super thankful to BeMultilingual for allowing my content to reach the rest of the world!” -Zack Nelson (JerryRigEverything)Multi-language dubbed videos are more than a trend; they are the future of YouTube. Making videos that everyone can enjoy, no matter where they're from or what language they speak, is the key to building a truly global community. 

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YouTube Multi-Language Audio - Ultimate Guide3/14/2024 9 min read

YouTube Multi-Language Audio - Ultimate Guide

What Is YouTube’s Multi-Language Audio Feature?  YouTube's multi-language audio feature allows creators to add dubbed audio tracks to their channel in other languages. These corresponding audio tracks can now reach audiences that before were blocked by language barriers. Prior to this feature, YouTubers would create separate dubbed channels in different languages to reach a global audience. This feature allows creators to easily upload the audio tracks to their main channel. These dubbed audio tracks will automatically be served to users in different geographies based on the language preference set in their settings. The feature also allows viewers to switch between the different audio tracks, so they can view videos in their preferred language. To switch audio tracks on a video, viewers can click the gear icon, click "Audio track," then select the language they want to listen to. The switching feature can be seen in the GIF below. How Does It Work? YouTubers who use the multi-language audio feature will be able to have their content available in multiple languages. This means YouTube will be able to push the content to viewers who speak the corresponding languages. For example, if an English YouTuber uploads a German audio track for their most recent video, alongside a translated title and description, that video will then be presented to a German viewer with the translated title, description, and dubbed audio track. How to Upload Multi-Language Audio Tracks on YouTube Videos? Step-by-Step Guide:Step 1: Check if you have access to the feature.  Go to YouTube Studio -> Click on a long-format video -> On the left panel, select Subtitles -> If you see an audio column where you can add audio files in other languages, then you have the feature! Step 2: Click "Add Language" and select the language you want to upload. Step 3: Under the column that says "Audio," click "Add." Step 4: Click "Select File" and upload your dubbed audio track. Make sure the audio track you are uploading roughly matches the length of your video, or you won't be able to upload it. Step 5: Click "Publish" when you want your audio track to go live!The audio track will now be visible to all viewers if the video is public.Step 6 (Recommended): Add translated "Title & Description". In the same section, add a translated title and description to help the performance of your dubbed audio tracks. How to Replace or Change Multi-Language Audio Tracks on YouTube? To replace the audio tracks, go to YouTube Studio -> Click on a long-format video with the audio track you'd like to replace -> On the left panel, select Subtitles -> Hover over the audio track and click "Delete" -> in the same section, delete the subtitle as well as the title & description for the language of that audio track, then refresh the page. You should see that the language has been removed from the video now!How to Get Audio Tracks: YouTube Dubbing ServicesTo learn how to get dubbed audio tracks, read this article on "How to Dub a YouTube Video." However, the most proven and successful way of getting dubbed audio tracks is by using a service like BeMultilingual. This is because we use professional human translators, voice actors, and editors who specialize in creating localized dubs in over 40 languages. There is a reason why top YouTubers such as Mr. Beast and Mark Rober use human dubbing services like BeMultilingual. The audio tracks produced by professional human dubbing teams have the best performance with YouTube’s multi-language audio feature. Who Has Access to the Multi-Language Audio Feature on YouTube? As of right now, YouTube has been slowly rolling out the feature to creators. So, only a certain number of YouTubers have access to the Multi-Language Audio feature. Read below to see what YouTube’s Partner Support has said about releasing the feature to other creators who weren't initially rolled out the feature. Therefore, you may not have access to the multi-language audio feature if you weren't a larger creator when the feature was initially released in February 2023. How to Get Access to It? Here is an in-depth article on how to check if you have the multi-language audio feature.If you have a close relationship with a YouTube representative, you could ask them for access to the feature. In our experience, we've had creators with 2.5M+ subscribers ask their YouTube Partner Support and gotten the following response: “We are asking for your patience for this feature to be rolled out to your channel, as it cannot be manually turned on for a specific channel” - YouTube Partner Support.Why Do Some Users Not Have Access to It? Unfortunately, if you don't currently have the multi-language audio feature, there is no special way of getting access to it: "It cannot be manually turned on for a specific channel," - YouTube Partner Support. This is the response we got when asking on behalf of multiple creators, some with over 2.5M subscribers who didn't have access to the feature when it was released. The common theme found is that most creators think the feature has been removed, for example in this Reddit thread; however, this isn't the case. The truth is, most creators haven't received the multi-language feature. In those cases, we encourage creators to create dubbed channels like our client Fidias. Fidias is a YouTuber with an English audience of over 2.5 million subscribers. In the past year, he's created a dubbed channel, Fidias en Español. The dubbed channel to date has over 130,000 subscribers and has both videos and shorts reaching millions of views. How to See the Different Audio Tracks on YouTube? For YouTubers: Go to YouTube Studio -> Click on a long-format video with the audio track you'd like to replace -> On the left panel, select Subtitles -> If you see an audio column where you can add audio files in other languages, then you have the feature, and this is where you'd see the different audio tracks you have in different languages. For Viewers: To switch audio tracks on a video, viewers can click the gear icon, click "Audio track," then select the language they want to listen to. Is It Worth It? What Kind of Results to Expect? There is a reason why the top creators on YouTube are beginning to all adopt dubbing their content... it's because it's worth it. Specifically, here are a few of our clients that upload dubbed audio tracks to grow their YouTube audience. Our Clients' Success with the Multi-Language Audio Feature: SV2 3.3M+ Subscribers - "BeMultilingual dubbing has helped my channel reach a whole new audience! Views have increased by almost double since working with them!" I Played In A World Cup Charity Match ft. iShowSpeed, Kaka, Hazard & Chunkz  Glitch 6.8M+ Subscribers - "The team at BeMultilingual have been extremely professional and provided great translation services that boosted our video's performance."THE AMAZING DIGITAL CIRCUS: PILOT Rocky Kanaka 4.2M+ Subscribers - "The need to help dogs in shelters and rescues is worldwide and thanks to BeMultilingual we're reaching audiences in multiple languages that are learning how wonderful adopting a dog can be!"Watch what happens when I change her name from Venom to Honey  JerryRigEverything 8.3M+ Subscribers - “Only 5% of the planet natively speaks English. I'm super thankful to BeMultilingual for allowing my content to reach the rest of the world!”Be gentle with Apples new Titanium iPhone 15 Pro Max ... Yikes!  Our Clients' Success with Dubbed Channels: Fidias, a YouTuber with over 2.5 million subscribers on his channel, has created a dubbed channel, Fidias en Español. The dubbed channel to date has over 130,000 subscribers and has both videos and shorts reaching millions of views. CubeINC en Español was able to be monetized within 10 days of uploading his first Spanish video. This is a more recent channel but shows impressive potential within its first two weeks of going live at the time of this article. What Are the Benefits of Dubbing on YouTube?There are many benefits when it comes to using YouTube’s multi-language audio feature: Increase Overall CPM Increase Overall CPM Depending on the languages you choose to dub your videos into, the viewers may increase your overall CPM per video. Countries that primarily speak German and French, for instance, tend to have a much higher CPM than countries that speak Hindi or Thai. For a full breakdown of the correlations between the highest CPM and potential viewership for different languages on YouTube, read this article here.  Increase Potential Viewership People consume content in their primary language, and there are approximately 400 million native English speakers worldwide. This means that out of 8.1 billion people in the world, only about 5% are natively enjoying English content on YouTube. But, of course, the world's biggest YouTuber knows this. See here what Mr. Beast says about increasing viewership by dubbing.  Creating a Global Presence Having a global presence increases your brand's presence. When it comes to creators on YouTube, each YouTuber is creating a brand. The majority of large creators are now leveraging their audience to sell products or services. For instance, Mark Rober has "Crunch Labs," a monthly STEM toy subscription box for kids. In late 2023, he dubbed his entire channel, adding audio tracks in 14 different languages. Here is Mark Rober's social blade since he added the audio tracks. Prior to the dubbed audio tracks, he was getting around 200,000 subscribers a week. After dubbing a large portion of his content, he recently has experienced a massive surge in subscribers. In the last month (February 8 - March 8), Mark Rober has gained over 12 million subscribers and over 450 million views from dubbing his content. What Languages Can You Upload? There are 232 languages you can currently upload audio tracks for on YouTube using the multi-language audio feature. Here are a few of the languages you can upload audio tracks for on YouTube: German French Spanish Portuguese Russian Japanese Korean Hindi Arabic Chinese Polish Ukrainian Hungarian Indonesian Thai Filipino Turkish If you want to see all the languages, we have compiled a list:List of all languages you can upload as audio tracks.  If you are looking for the most popular languages on YouTube, read the linked article. Downsides to Using Multi-Language Audio Tracks:The multi-language audio feature on YouTube is far from perfect. In some cases, it’s nice to have your entire audience under one channel: "Having a lot of different channels is just honestly a lot more work," - MrBeast. However, just because it may be more convenient, it still has some downsides:  No additional sponsorship opportunities.Specifically, if a YouTuber has an English sponsor, the sponsor is generally only paying for the English audience rather than the rest of the viewers the audio tracks bring in. Non-translated on-screen text and thumbnail.Unlike creating a new channel, there is no opportunity to add translated on-screen text and thumbnails. When creating a new channel, you have this opportunity, making it a more immersive experience for the target audience. Not having the ability to separate communities. Some content may be unappealing to some cultures but not others. For example, videos with heavy gambling and drinking may not be best to release to certain communities. However, if viewers are subscribed to the channel, they would still see it under the multi-language audio feature. Should You Create Dubbed Channels? Having dubbed channels on YouTube is a great viable alternative to using the multi-language audio feature. For example, check out our client CubeINC en Español, who was able to be monetized within 10 days of uploading his first Spanish video! Benefits of Dubbed Channel:- Sponsorship opportunities from language-specific companies.- Translated on-screen text and thumbnails (more immersive for viewers).- Separated communities, which can be leveraged differently.

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Dubbing Company - Top 7 Best Dubbing Companies of 20243/27/2024 13 min read

Dubbing Company - Top 7 Best Dubbing Companies of 2024

Whether it's human dubbing or AI, in this article we'll be ranking the top 7 best dubbing companies of 2024. Results: 1. BeMultilingual 2. iyuno3. FUNimation 4. DittoDub 5. VSI 6. ElevenLabs 7. Vidby.AI  1. BeMultilingual Overview: BeMultilingual specializes in dubbing content creators, specifically YouTubers, by providing professional human translation, voice acting, and editing in over 40 languages. Their work has generated over 250 million views by making content accessible to viewers worldwide. By creating fully dubbed channels or leveraging YouTube's multi-language audio track feature, they help creators reach a global audience. This commitment to authentic dubbing has established BeMultilingual as the preferred dubbing partner for creators aiming to broaden their reach and engage viewers worldwide. Rank (2024)Dubbing CompanyDubbing Type Languages Best At#1BeMultilingualHuman 40+ YouTubers & Content CreatorsPricing: BeMultilingual offers a middle ground for pricing between the cheap but lower quality of AI services and the higher costs associated with Netflix's partnered dubbing studios. This pricing strategy is designed to accommodate content creators who are looking to get premium human dubbing but aren’t looking to spend a Hollywood movie budget on it.  To get pricing for your specific project, reach out here. A representative will get back to you within a business day to discuss pricing and your project.  Dubbing Projects: JerryRigEverything 8.3M Subscribers - “Only 5% of the planet natively speaks English. I'm super thankful to BeMultilingual for allowing my content to reach the rest of the world!” Be gentle with Apples new Titanium iPhone 15 Pro Max ... Yikes!  SV2 3.3M Subscribers - "BeMultilingual dubbing has helped my channel reach a whole new audience! Views have increased by almost double since working with them!" I Played In A World Cup Charity Match ft. iShowSpeed, Kaka, Hazard & Chunkz  Glitch 6.8M Subscribers - "The team at BeMultilingual have been extremely professional and provided great translation services that boosted our video's performance." THE AMAZING DIGITAL CIRCUS: PILOT Rocky Kanaka 4.2M Subscribers - "The need to help dogs in shelters and rescues is worldwide and thanks to BeMultilingual we're reaching audiences in multiple languages that are learning how wonderful adopting a dog can be!" Watch what happens when I change her name from Venom to Honey  Fidias 2.5M Subscribers: Original English Video 450k Views: Trading $1 VR Into Apple Vision Pro Dubbed Spanish Video 1.3M Views: Cambiando un VR de $1 Por un Apple Vision Pro 2. iyuno Overview: iyuno is arguably the largest dubbing company in the world. They have the most dubbing partnerships with Netflix’s Post Partner Program (NP3). With 25 studios partnered with Netflix’s NP3 program, they have studios ranging from Stockholm, Los Angeles, Seoul, Prague, Berlin, Shanghai, and many more. They’ve dubbed over 6 million minutes in 100+ languages. Iyuno has a network of over 273 partnered or owned recording studios. This large network provides them with a vast amount of premium voice actors for bigger video productions such as Netflix movies and television shows. Rank (2024)Dubbing CompanyDubbing Type Languages Best At#2iyunoHuman 100+ Hollywood Movies Pricing: iyuno, being one of the largest providers of dubs for Netflix, charges a premium for their human dubbing. They charge on a per-minute basis, and the pricing varies per language. Depending on the language and project size (number of speakers, number of videos, video length), the pricing can range anywhere from $80 to $459 USD per minute.Dubbing Projects:  Oppenheimer (Dubbed languages not specified)Barbie Latin American SpanishWednesday Season 1 German and Indonesian Dragon Age: Absolution Original English, Korean, Polish and SpanishGlass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery German, CAS, Filipino, and Indonesian 3. FUNimation Overview: FUNimation Entertainment has been a leading dubbing company when it comes to anime since it was founded in 1994. The Texan streaming service has been making their own in-house dubs to help compete with other streaming services. This edge has led FUNimation to have more English dubs for anime when other streaming services such as Netflix and Crunchyroll didn't offer English dubs. This has led to anime fans preferring to watch on FUNimation compared to Netflix and Crunchyroll due to the fact they had more selection when it came to their favorite dubbed anime. However, as of February 7, 2024, FUNimation has announced that they will be shutting down their site and app as of April 2, 2024, and converting all their content to Crunchyroll as of a prior merger unifying the two brands under Crunchyroll. As of right now, it's unsure if FUNimation will continue in-house dubbing for Crunchyroll, but Funimation's YouTube channel has converted to Crunchyroll dubs. Rank (2024)Dubbing CompanyDubbing Type Languages Best At#3FUNimationHuman Japanese to EnglishAnimePricing: Not Available - FUNimation doesn’t provide dubs for any content unless it was streamed on their site/app. However, they had to be included on this list as one of the top 7 dubbing companies, as they have been leading in anime dubbing and have very notable projects they’ve dubbed. Dubbing Projects:  Dragon Ball Z From Japanese to English One Piece From Japanese to English My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission Japanese to English Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos Japanese to English Attack on Titan Japanese to English Tokyo Ghoul Japanese to English 4. DittoDub  Overview: DittoDub is the first AI dubbing tool we've included in this list of the top 7 best dubbing companies of 2024. They are a new AI dubbing tool made specifically for YouTubers and content creators. The tool is easy to use, where creators can link their channel, and it will automatically calculate the cost of dubbing. The tool does a couple of things better than other AI tools, including voice cloning, the ability to edit the transcript in both the source language and the target language, translate titles and descriptions, and bulk upload videos. DittoDub will also attempt to remove the background from a YouTube video and use it for the dubbed audio. This is a neat feature, as other AI dubbing tools generally will just mute the background audio, leading to a less authentic dub. Similar to other AI tools, the translation can be inaccurate, and the software is self-served. Meaning, if users want to get the most out of the tool, they have to spend some time learning how to use it, have someone verify both the source transcript and the translated transcript, and label which speaker is speaking. Rank (2024)Dubbing CompanyDubbing Type Languages Best At#4DittoDubAI28+Bulk AI Videos Pricing: An annual subscription for DittoDub is $60/month for 30 minutes of dubbing per month, $120/month for 100 minutes of dubbing per month, and $500/month for 500 minutes of dubbing per month. However, YouTubers looking to bulk dub their channel can select "Need a larger plan?" and get pricing for their entire catalog. Note: If dubbing a 10-minute video from English to Spanish, Portuguese, and German, that would be 30 minutes of dubbing. Dubbing Projects:  Original (English): Spanish: German: Portuguese: French: Dutch:    5. VSIOverview:VSI is similar to Iyuno; they are a part of Netflix's NP3 partners for dubbing. VSI has NP3 partnered dubbing studios in Los Angeles, London, Istanbul, Spain, Berlin, Mexico, Paris, Rome, and Warsaw. They have over 35 years of experience and provide dubbing in over 80 languages. Their network includes over 700 people in 50 countries around the world. They pride themselves on quality, global outlook, customer focus, and accountability. Rank (2024)Dubbing CompanyDubbing Type Languages Best At#5VSIHuman 80+ Streaming ServicesPricing: Being one of the larger human dubbing teams working with Netflix, HBO, and Moonbug, we can assume VSI charges a premium for their human dubbing. Therefore, they’d charge similarly to their competitor iyuno, with pricing ranging anywhere from $80 to $459 USD per minute. Dubbing Projects:  4 Blocks: dubbing 3 seasons of the gangster dramaDreamWorks: dubbing and subtitling Fast & Furious Spy RacersHBO Max: dubbing On the SpectrumDes: dubbing and subtitling the true-crime seriesGloboplay: Dubbing Four Seasons of the Drama Series The New NursesMoonbug Entertainment: helping Gecko's Garage reach global audiences 6. ElevenLabsOverview:ElevenLabs offers an AI dubbing service within their software. The company is relatively new, being founded in 2022. The AI features that separate it from others are its ability to clone the original speaker's voice. Out of all the AI dubbing companies, ElevenLabs has the best voice cloning abilities. The company's new lip-syncing feature and ability to accurately portray the original speaker are notable. However, there are issues with the self-serve tool. For example, unlike DittoDub, there is no ability to edit the transcript or the speakers. So, if the AI doesn’t correctly detect the speaker, there is no way to change it. This can lead to unusable dubs as sometimes the AI will mistake a male voice for a female and vice versa. Also, if there are any mistakes within the transcript or dub, there is no way to correct them. Rank (2024)Dubbing CompanyDubbing Type Languages Best At#6ElevenLabsAI29Voice Cloning Pricing: ElevenLabs offers a freemium plan with which you can get up to 10 minutes of dubbing done. The pricing is as follows: $50/year for 30 minutes of dubbing per month, $220/year for 120 minutes of dubbing per month, $990/year for 600 minutes of dubbing per month, and $3300/year for 2400 minutes of dubbing per month. However, displayed below is their current promotional offer for the first month off on both the starter and the creator plan. Note that these prices are based on the monthly subscription.  They also offer a "Custom Enterprise Plan" if none of the plans are large enough. Click here, go to pricing, and click the "Let's Talk" button to get a customized plan based on your project's size. Note: If dubbing a 10-minute video from English to Spanish, Portuguese, and German, that would be 30 minutes of dubbing. Dubbing Projects:  Unfortunately, we weren't able to find any dubbing projects that had successfully been launched using ElevenLabs' AI dubbing. They do have a YouTube channel where they showcase demos: ElevenLabs YouTube Channel.7. Vidby.AI Overview: Vidby.AI is an AI dubbing software that also offers human verification. Users can directly upload their videos to the site and select the target language from over 75 languages. The reason Vidby.AI made it on this list is their unique position where they add humans in the automation of AI to verify the translation. The site, similar to the other AI companies in this article, DittoDub and ElevenLabs, is self-serve, meaning you have to learn their interface and process. Rank (2024)Dubbing CompanyDubbing Type Languages Best At#7Vidby.AI AI75+AI with Human Verification Pricing: Pricing for Vidby.AI is a bit complicated; they too have an annual subscription with a freemium version offering 30 "Vidby Credits". You'll need 10 credits per 1 minute of dubbing. The annual subscription pricing is $336/year for 300 credits, or 30 minutes of dubbing, or $720/year for 700 credits, or 70 minutes of dubbing. Although it is not clear, these credits will replenish each month. This pricing is for their "minimal" dubbing, which is using 100% AI dubbing. Note: If dubbing a 10-minute video from English to Spanish, Portuguese, and German, that would be 30 minutes of dubbing. Vidby.AI also offers human verification pricing. They have 4 AI categories with drastically different pricing; however, the pricing changes based on the number of voice actors and the language you order for. For example, for a video that is 10 minutes long in 4 languages with 4 speakers, the pricing by Vidby.AI is: $536: High (Check of the translation by a specialist, AI voice acting)$136: Middle (Check of speech recognition by a specialist, AI, AI acting)$36: Minimal (Fully AI)$36: Manually (Self Edited + Fully AI) Dubbing Projects:   Unfortunately, similar to ElevenLabs, we weren't able to find any dubbing projects that had successfully been launched using Vidby.AI's dubbing. They too have a YouTube channel where they showcase demos: Vidby.AI YouTube Channel. Consensus  Rank (2024)Dubbing CompanyDubbing Type Languages Best At#1BeMultilingualHuman 40+ YouTubers & Content Creators#2iyunoHuman 100+ Hollywood Movies#3FUNimationHuman English to JapaneseAnime#5VSIHuman 80+ Streaming Services#4DittoDubAI28+Bulk AI Videos#6ElevenLabsAI29Voice Cloning#7Vidby.AI AI75+AI with Human Verification Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ What is Dubbing? Dubbing is a post-production process used in video production, where the original voice actors are replaced with either AI or voice actors in another language. The goal of dubbing is to maintain the original video's message, tone, and emotion while ensuring that linguistic and cultural nuances are localized for the target audience. The process of traditional human dubbing is as follows: 1. Translation: The original script is translated into the target language, with adjustments made for idiomatic expressions, cultural references, and lip-sync challenges. 2. Adaptation: This step involves rewriting the translated script to match the mouth movements of the actors in the video as closely as possible. This often requires creative adjustments to the dialogue to ensure that the spoken words are in sync with the lip movements on screen.3. Casting: Voice actors are selected based on their ability to match the voice quality, tone, and emotional delivery of the original actors, as well as their proficiency in the target language.4. Recording: Voice actors record their lines in a studio, often while watching the video to match the timing and emotional delivery of the original performance as closely as possible. This process can be challenging, as actors must deliver lines in sync with the characters' mouth movements and the scene's pacing.5. Mixing/Editing: The recorded dialogue is then mixed with the original sound effects and music, adjusting levels to ensure that the dubbed voices blend seamlessly into the overall sound landscape of the film or video. A good example of dubbing can be seen here: Fidias 2.5M Subscribers: Original English Video 450k Views: Trading $1 VR Into Apple Vision Pro Dubbed Spanish Video 1.3M Views: Cambiando un VR de $1 Por un Apple Vision Pro What Are Dubbing Companies?Dubbing companies like BeMultilingual specialize in the process of dubbing. These companies play a crucial role in the localization industry, helping content creators to reach a global audience by making their content accessible in different languages. In 2024, there are two emerging types of dubbing companies: AI dubbing companies and human dubbing companies. Each type has a distinct methodology in creating dubs. Human Dubbing Pros:Emotions: Human voice actors accurately capture and replicate the original video's emotions, enhancing audience engagement. This creates a dub that is more likely to be well-received by the target audience.Versatility: Videos are never the same; each project when it comes to dubbing is unique. The versatility of human dubbings through creative adaptation allows for high-quality dubbing.Professionalism: Collaborating with human dubbing companies allows for tailored results, aligning closely with specific project needs. Cons:Cost: Human dubbing includes a team of professionals, such as translators, voice actors, and editors, who come with a premium cost.Speed: The process of translating, recording, and editing with human talent can be time-consuming, leading to longer turnaround times compared to AI. What’s the Best Dubbing Company? Based on their track record, the best dubbing company would be BeMultilingual. BeMultilingual's ability to offer professional human dubbing while keeping prices at an affordable level for creators distinguishes them as a premium service in the dubbing industry.AI Dubbing Pros:Efficiency and Scalability: AI can process and dub content much faster than human teams, significantly reducing production times and allowing for a large number of videos to be dubbed at once.Cost-Effectiveness: Reduced labor and faster turnaround times can lead to lower production costs, making AI dubbing a more affordable option for some projects. Cons:Translation Errors: In 2024, AIs still make many mistakes when it comes to translation. Many AIs still translate literally, which leads to dubs that struggle with cultural nuances, idioms, and humor.Emotions: AI dubs lack the emotional depth conveyed by human actors. Many AI software's have no way of adding laughter, screams, cries, or any emotional expressions.Technological Issues: As of 2024, there are still many issues with the technology behind AI dubbing as expected with a newly developing innovation. Some of the issues we've run into testing the software include inaccuracy recognizing speakers, direct translations, distorted background audio, and an inability to manually correct mistakes. What’s the Best AI Dubbing Company?Based on our testing, the best AI software to date is DittoDub. The self-serve software is one of the most cost-effective AI solutions while allowing for speaker recognition, voice cloning, bulk uploads, and manual corrections of the transcript in both the source and target language.

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Going From 0 to 10 Million Views per Month1/16/2024 3 min read

Going From 0 to 10 Million Views per Month

How BeMultilingual Monetized a New Channel in Just 7 Months with Expert Dubbing and Voice-Over ServicesContent creation is hyper-competitive – for every idea, topic, or theme that a creator might have, there are likely a hundred other versions already live. So how can you stand out? How can you build a loyal audience in such a crowded marketplace?Most importantly: how can you monetize your creativity quickly? The answer is obvious. You appeal to a broader audience through increased accessibility. That means giving your video the reach to find an audience across borders and beyond the limitations of language. It means multilingual content.Imagine a brand new YouTube channel, initially unnoticed, skyrocketing to a staggering 10 million views in just seven months. This is the story of that extraordinary ascent.Dubbing Fidias en Español'Fidias en Español' began as a YouTube channel like any other – the creators had ideas but struggled to gain momentum in terms of audience. Our goal was ambitious: to transform this fledgling channel into a digital phenomenon.The key strategy for successContent creators often encounter a significant hurdle: language. Confining their work to one language limits their reach in our interconnected digital era – while the Spanish language is widely used, restricting the channel to output only in this language was a natural barrier to gaining a foothold in countries and demographics that do not speak the language.At BeMultilingual Inc., we specialize in content dubbing and professional voice-over work. Recognizing the necessity of engaging with diverse global audiences, we confronted this linguistic challenge head-on. Our team worked closely with the channel to ensure that all of their output was fully accessible in multiple languages. That meant translating, dubbing, and transcribing the footage itself, as well as working on titles, descriptions and subtitle data (SRT).Each video was then delivered back to the channel, ready for immediate upload.Achieving monetizationChannel monetization came more quickly than the creators had dreamed of. In just seven months, we helped Fidias en Espanol go from a new channel with 0 views to an international phenomenon with more than 10 million views. This, of course, was a milestone worth celebrating – but it also cemented the channel's monetization status, a crucial step in its digital success story.Dubbing and Voice-Over Work with BeMultilingual Inc.Our work with Fidias en Espanol is another case where our industry-leading services have resulted in immense growth for YouTube creators. We cannot overstate how important it is for video makers to provide their content in multiple languages – by limiting yourself to one language only, you are cutting out a significant portion of the potential audience.Where do you see your channel a few months from now? Will you be counting followers and views in tens or in millions? Explore our YouTube dubbing services and picture your content resonating around the world – that’s the key to success.

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How MrBeast Used Dubbed Audio Tracks To Skyrocket Views12/25/2023 3 min read

How MrBeast Used Dubbed Audio Tracks To Skyrocket Views

In February 2023, YouTube launched a new feature for creators that was so simple, yet so impactful that it made mega influencer MrBeast’s views skyrocket.  We’re talking, of course, about multi-language audio tracks.What Is Multi-Language Audio on YouTube? For those who aren’t aware of it yet, multi-language audio is a setting that enables diverse viewers from around the world to listen to language-dubbed audio tracks of a YouTube video.  More specifically, it allows them to better enjoy content from their favorite foreign creators in their native language without having to navigate to a separate dubbed channel.Why Is Multi-Language Audio Good For YouTubers?Many of the world’s most popular YouTubers, like MrBeast, are from the West and speak English. Yet less than 14% of the global population actually speaks and understands English.  If you’re a YouTube creator, you have one consistent, overarching goal: increase views to scale your sphere of influence ever upward. Eventually, though, you’ll have expanded to all your available target demographic in your geographic region, at which point there’s only one direction left to grow: worldwide. That’s exactly what MrBeast did. He started by creating multiple channels which served as hubs for his content that had already been dubbed into different languages (like MrBeast Espanol).  But once YouTube gave him access to multi-language audio for testing, he found that he could add dubbed audio tracks to his original English videos – a far more efficient and time-saving method. This also meant that he could begin funneling his international audience to his primary channel, thus boosting the view count on his most successful content. In his words in an interview with YouTube content creator Rene Ritchie, the feature “supercharges the heck” out of his videos and “added a lot of views per video for us.”MrBeast isn't the only success story. According to YouTube, creators who tested multi-language audio found that 15% of the watch time on their videos was coming from viewers who accessed one of the dubbed audio tracks. How Do You Turn On Multi-Language Audio on a Video?Accessing the dubbed audio tracks on a YouTube video as a viewer is easy enough. All you have to do is click on the Settings symbol on the video player for the content you’re watching, select Audio track, and then choose the language you prefer to listen to.How Do You Use Multi-Language Audio on YouTube? What about creators? How do they make this feature available on their videos? Just like toggling multi-language audio on the video player, using it on your original content is also incredibly simple. While you’re uploading a new video to your channel, just use the Subtitles Editor to add audio tracks of your video that are spoken in different languages. Once you publish the video and it goes live, your non-native English fans can select their preferred language dub from the ones you uploaded and continue to consume your content.Generate New Global Audiences With Dubs From BeMultilingual The stats don’t lie: multi-language audio is the future of increasing views for your YouTube content. But throughout this article, you may have been wondering how you can get dubs of your videos in other languages that you may not know.  The answer is BeMultilingual. We’re a dubbing company that works alongside YouTubers to dub their video audio tracks into more than 20 foreign languages.  We’ve already helped several amazing YouTube creators. Now we want to help you generate new audiences that you never knew you could tap into before.Start dubbing today!

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Why Video Dubbing is Becoming the New YouTube Meta1/12/2024 3 min read

Why Video Dubbing is Becoming the New YouTube Meta

The rise of video dubbing on YouTube is a game-changer, making dubbed videos an essential strategy for content creators.The practice involves replacing the original audio with a track in a different language. For instance, an English YouTube channel will dub their English content into another language, like Spanish.Channels across YouTube have been dubbing videos for years. To see the impact it has on them, check out these examples:YouTube ChannelMain Channel SubscribersDubbed Channel Subscribers% Growth Contributed by Dubbed ChannelDhar Mann20.4M7.26M35.59%Like Nastya112M127.2M113.57%Veritasium14.6M5.1M34.93%Kurzgesagt21.7M4.83M22.26%Sources: Dhar Mann, Like Nastya, Veritasium, KurzgesagtThe percentage increase in subscribers for dubbed channels like Dhar Mann, Like Nastya, Veritasium, and Kurzgesagt highlights the immense potential of video dubbing. To learn why this works, see below.Why is Video Dubbing the New YouTube MetaReachOne of the most significant benefits of video dubs on YouTube is its ability to expand a channel's reach.Consider the case of "Like Nastya." Initially, their main channel, in English, garnered an impressive 112M subscribers. This was a remarkable achievement, and more subscribers than 99% of YouTube channels will ever have. However, this all changed after they created their dubbed channels.By video dubbing, "Like Nastya" didn't just replicate their content in different languages but unlocked global connectivity. The result? A staggering surge in their total subscriber count.With the addition of dubbed channels, they leapfrogged from 112M to 239.2M subscribers. The impact of video dubbing here is crystal clear - it's a gateway to a broader, more diverse, and global audience.LocalizationThe success behind video dubs lies in its localization.Yes, AI-based dubbing offers a quick and easy solution, but it often needs to catch up in authenticity and cultural nuances. AI voices tend to lack variation, depth, and the natural flow of conversation. This is where accurate video dubbing shines through - its ability to be deeply localized.At BeMultilingual, accurate dubbing is prioritized. This approach allows for a more nuanced and culturally relevant translation of content. We don't just change the language; we help adapt the content to resonate with different cultural sensibilities and linguistic subtleties. This level of localization is inviting and engaging for audiences, providing them with tailor-made content.Competitive AdvantageFor English speakers, especially in the US and Western Europe, it's easy to overestimate the prevalence of English worldwide. However, in reality, English is the third-most spoken language.Source: Statista The image above indicates that if you dub your content into Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, and Bengali, you're tapping into the native languages of most of the world's population. By doing so, creators can double or even triple their views and subscriber counts.Want Dubbed Videos?As you can see, video dubbing is a game-changer for YouTube's growth. It's a bridge to a world of untapped audiences ready to engage with your content in their native tongue.At BeMultilingual, we're about translating words and connecting cultures. Our dubbing services are your ticket to capturing the hearts and minds of viewers globally.If you're ready to take your YouTube channel to the next level, contact us today, and let's help you connect with a global audience. 

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How to Check If You Have YouTube's Multi-Language Audio Feature1/1/2024 2 min read

How to Check If You Have YouTube's Multi-Language Audio Feature

What Is the Multi-Language Audio Feature?If you are a YouTuber in 2024, you may have access to the “new” multi-language audio feature. This feature allows creators to upload multiple dubbed audio tracks to their main channel, enabling viewers from across the world to view the video in their native tongue.For example, if a video is originally made in English, but a YouTuber with the feature adds a Spanish audio track to the video, when a viewer whose YouTube settings are set to Spanish, they will be directed to the video by YouTube with the dubbed Spanish audio track, title, and description.The audio tracks can also be switched by viewers within the video by clicking on Settings (the gear icon), selecting Audio Tracks, and choosing the dub audio track they’d like to listen to.As you can see, Glitch received 240 million views within 3 months of this video being uploaded. Here is what they had to say about working with BeMultilingual: "The team at BeMultilingual have been extremely professional and provided great translation services that boosted our video's performance." - Glitch. How Do I Know If I Have the Multi-Language Audio Feature? As of right now, YouTube has been slowly rolling out the feature to creators. Many creators have received the feature and not realized they can utilize it. To check if you have it: Go to YouTube Studio -> Click on a long format video -> On the left panel, click on Subtitles -> If you see an audio column where you can add audio files in other languages, then you have the feature! What If I Don't Have the Feature Enabled Yet? If you don’t have the feature, unfortunately, YouTube hasn’t been very forthcoming in distributing it. Creators who initially didn’t receive it and are now requesting the feature are being told to wait: “For the multi-language Audio, please know that this feature is still rolling out to all creators and it may not be available to some. With that being said, you may check if it's already available to you, if not, we are asking for your patience for this feature to be rolled out to your channel, as it cannot be manually turned on in a specific channel” - YouTube Partner Support. At BeMultilingual, we also provide creators with dubbed channels, allowing them to grow a new community without the multi-language audio feature. Here’s an example of one of our clients whose Spanish channel receives millions of additional views a week: Fidias Original English Channel vs. Fidias Spanish Channel 

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Most Popular Languages on YouTube, Languages With the Highest CPM, and What Languages to Dub Into10/30/2023 2 min read

Most Popular Languages on YouTube, Languages With the Highest CPM, and What Languages to Dub Into

Most Popular Languages on YouTubeBased on the article “My Youtube earnings” by Brick Experiment Channel, who has a universal audience due to the fact there is no speaking in his videos, we are able to break down the most popular languages based on the views he has received from 2017-2023 excluding English. Based on the graph, the most popular languages in order besides English are:Hindi (72.9 Million)Spanish (55.2 Million)Russian (42.5 Million)Vietnamese (36.1 Million)German (31.8 Million)French (31.8 Million)Portuguese (31.6 Million)Indonesian (27.6 Million)Polish (20.8 Million)Filipino (18.3 Million)Turkish (17.9 Million) Languages With the Highest CPM on YouTubeBEC’s article also highlights the different CPM from each country (how much advertisers pay for every 1,000 views on his video). Using this information we can compile a CPM per language denoted in USD. Note that CPM’s vary widely on YouTube based on the content category, duration, and number of mid rolls placed on the video. Based on the graph, the languages with the highest CPM besides English are:Each CPM is in USDGerman: $3.86French: $2.87Polish: $1.45Russian: $1.37Spanish: $0.91Portuguese: $0.91Filipino: $0.78Vietnamese: $0.63Indonesian: $0.61Hindi: $0.53Turkish: $0.52 What Languages to Dub Into on YouTube When considering what language to dub into on YouTube there are two factors to consider: 1) The number of viewers that will be added 2) The CPM these new viewers bring. Based on this, and the data collected throughout this article, we can compare the relationship between Views and CPM in different languages on YouTube. In conclusion, the best languages to dub your content would be:Spanish, German, French, Russian, and PortugueseHowever, three languages to highlight are Hindi, Vietnamese and Indonesian as although their CPM is low, they have high viewership potential, with Hindi ranking number one in potential boost in views. 

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How to Dub a YouTube Video9/15/2023 4 min read

How to Dub a YouTube Video

Guide on How to Dub a YouTube VideoFor YouTubers looking to expand their global reach and connect with audiences in their native languages, dubbing content is a strategic move. However, the dubbing process might seem daunting at first. In this guide we will walk you through the steps a YouTuber can take to get their content dubbed.  Selecting a Provider (3 Options) 1. Hire Voice Actor(s)Find professional voice actors in the language you are wanting to dub into and provide them with a detailed description of the project/ videos you’d like to dub. It is important to ensure that they are able to identify cultural nuances in the language you have specified. This process is time-consuming especially if your videos have multiple speakers as you will need to individually find the right voice-actor for each role. After this, you will need to mix all the separate audios together into one audio wav. file. If this seems like a lot of work for you it's best to go with Options 2 and 3.  2. Use an AI ToolTo dub your YouTube videos using AI there are tons of cheap options out there. However since these are all in development beware of AI’s inability to capture the correct cultural nuances and emotion which may hinder your channel’s performance. 3. Find a Dubbing Studio (Recommended)Finding a dubbing studio that can professionally translate your content offers several key benefits:Superior Quality and Accuracy: Working with a dubbing studio results in professional translation and voice acting that maintains the tone, emotion of your original content with the correct cultural nuances of the language you are dubbing into.Ease and Expertise: Dubbing studios provide professional voice talents and are able to organize and edit everything in house. Working with a studio like ourselves, BeMultilingual will be able to help you directly navigate the best way to dub your content on YouTube.  If you are looking for specialized YouTube dubbing using human voice actors, translators, and editors, reach out here! Process of Working with BeMultilingual  Step 1: Getting in Contact The first step is getting in contact with our team. You can fill out our form here, where you can express your interest in dubbing your YouTube videos and specify the languages you're considering. If you're unsure which languages will best serve your content, don't worry. At BeMultilingual, our team of experts can provide insights and recommendations based on your content. For a deeper dive into language selection, we invite you to read our article on "What Languages to Dub Into, Popular Languages on YouTube, CPM of Different Languages, and Viewing Demographics." Step 2: Discussing Your Dubbing PreferencesOnce we've established contact, we'll discuss how you envision the dubbing process for your YouTube content. This includes whether you have access to YouTube's multi-language audio feature or if you're considering creating a new dubbed channel. While the multi-language audio feature offers a streamlined way to offer content in various languages, it's not widely available to all creators yet. If you're not sure if you have access to the feature check out our guide “How to Check If You Have YouTube's Multi-Language Audio Feature”. For creators without access to this feature, BeMultilingual provides an alternative solution by helping you launch dubbed channels. This approach allows you to grow a new community and has unique benefits such as future sponsorships from our portfolio of sponsors. A testament to this strategy's effectiveness is one of our clients, Fidias, whose original English channel and Spanish dubbed channel variation have seen remarkable growth, with the latter receiving millions of additional views weekly.Step 3: Pricing and Project InitiationAfter determining the best dubbing strategy for your channel, we'll discuss pricing. Since each project is unique, influenced by factors such as the number of videos, target languages, and number of voice actors required, we provide a special quote tailored to your specific needs. This transparent and personalized approach ensures that you receive the best value and results for your investment. Step 4: Commencing the Dubbing ProcessWith the details ironed out and the agreement in place, our team of human translators, voice actors, and editors will begin the process of transforming your content. Our commitment to using human expertise over AI ensures that every dubbed video preserves the emotional depth, cultural nuances, and personal brand that your original content embodies. Step 5: Delivery and Uploading Your Dubbed ContentOnce the dubbing process is complete, our team at BeMultilingual will provide you with the final, high-quality dubbed videos or audio tracks, depending on your specific needs. You will receive everything necessary to seamlessly integrate the dubbed content into your YouTube channel. 

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