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BeMultilingual Blog — 3 min read — January 16, 2024

Going From 0 to 10 Million Views per Month

Georgia Austin

Georgia Austin

Blog Writer

Going From 0 to 10 Million Views per Month

How BeMultilingual Monetized a New Channel in Just 7 Months with Expert Dubbing and Voice-Over Services

Content creation is hyper-competitive – for every idea, topic, or theme that a creator might have, there are likely a hundred other versions already live. So how can you stand out? How can you build a loyal audience in such a crowded marketplace?

Most importantly: how can you monetize your creativity quickly?

The answer is obvious. You appeal to a broader audience through increased accessibility. That means giving your video the reach to find an audience across borders and beyond the limitations of language.

It means multilingual content.

Imagine a brand new YouTube channel, initially unnoticed, skyrocketing to a staggering 10 million views in just seven months. 

This is the story of that extraordinary ascent.

Dubbing Fidias en Español

'Fidias en Español' began as a YouTube channel like any other – the creators had ideas but struggled to gain momentum in terms of audience. Our goal was ambitious: to transform this fledgling channel into a digital phenomenon.

The key strategy for success

Content creators often encounter a significant hurdle: language. Confining their work to one language limits their reach in our interconnected digital era – while the Spanish language is widely used, restricting the channel to output only in this language was a natural barrier to gaining a foothold in countries and demographics that do not speak the language.

At BeMultilingual Inc., we specialize in content dubbing and professional voice-over work. 

Recognizing the necessity of engaging with diverse global audiences, we confronted this linguistic challenge head-on.

Our team worked closely with the channel to ensure that all of their output was fully accessible in multiple languages. That meant translating, dubbing, and transcribing the footage itself, as well as working on titles, descriptions and subtitle data (SRT).

Each video was then delivered back to the channel, ready for immediate upload.

Achieving monetization

Channel monetization came more quickly than the creators had dreamed of. In just seven months, we helped Fidias en Espanol go from a new channel with 0 views to an international phenomenon with more than 10 million views. This, of course, was a milestone worth celebrating – but it also cemented the channel's monetization status, a crucial step in its digital success story.

Dubbing and Voice-Over Work with BeMultilingual Inc.

Our work with Fidias en Espanol is another case where our industry-leading services have resulted in immense growth for YouTube creators. We cannot overstate how important it is for video makers to provide their content in multiple languages – by limiting yourself to one language only, you are cutting out a significant portion of the potential audience.

Where do you see your channel a few months from now? Will you be counting followers and views in tens or in millions? Explore our YouTube dubbing services and picture your content resonating around the world – that’s the key to success.

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