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BeMultilingual Blog — 2 min read — January 1, 2024

How to Check If You Have YouTube's Multi-Language Audio Feature



How to Check If You Have YouTube's Multi-Language Audio Feature

What Is the Multi-Language Audio Feature?

If you are a YouTuber in 2024, you may have access to the “new” multi-language audio feature. This feature allows creators to upload multiple dubbed audio tracks to their main channel, enabling viewers from across the world to view the video in their native tongue.

For example, if a video is originally made in English, but a YouTuber with the feature adds a Spanish audio track to the video, when a viewer whose YouTube settings are set to Spanish, they will be directed to the video by YouTube with the dubbed Spanish audio track, title, and description.

The audio tracks can also be switched by viewers within the video by clicking on Settings (the gear icon), selecting Audio Tracks, and choosing the dub audio track they’d like to listen to.

As you can see, Glitch received 240 million views within 3 months of this video being uploaded. Here is what they had to say about working with BeMultilingual: "The team at BeMultilingual have been extremely professional and provided great translation services that boosted our video's performance." - Glitch. 

How Do I Know If I Have the Multi-Language Audio Feature?

As of right now, YouTube has been slowly rolling out the feature to creators. Many creators have received the feature and not realized they can utilize it. To check if you have it: Go to YouTube Studio -> Click on a long format video -> On the left panel, click on Subtitles -> If you see an audio column where you can add audio files in other languages, then you have the feature!

What If I Don't Have the Feature Enabled Yet?

If you don’t have the feature, unfortunately, YouTube hasn’t been very forthcoming in distributing it. Creators who initially didn’t receive it and are now requesting the feature are being told to wait:

“For the multi-language Audio, please know that this feature is still rolling out to all creators and it may not be available to some. With that being said, you may check if it's already available to you, if not, we are asking for your patience for this feature to be rolled out to your channel, as it cannot be manually turned on in a specific channel” - YouTube Partner Support.

At BeMultilingual, we also provide creators with dubbed channels, allowing them to grow a new community without the multi-language audio feature. Here’s an example of one of our clients whose Spanish channel receives millions of additional views a week: Fidias Original English Channel vs. Fidias Spanish Channel 

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