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BeMultilingual Blog — 3 min read — December 25, 2023

How MrBeast Used Dubbed Audio Tracks To Skyrocket Views

 Elaine Heredia

Elaine Heredia

How MrBeast Used Dubbed Audio Tracks To Skyrocket Views

In February 2023, YouTube launched a new feature for creators that was so simple, yet so impactful that it made mega influencer MrBeast’s views skyrocket. 

We’re talking, of course, about multi-language audio tracks.

What Is Multi-Language Audio on YouTube?

For those who aren’t aware of it yet, multi-language audio is a setting that enables diverse viewers from around the world to listen to language-dubbed audio tracks of a YouTube video. 

More specifically, it allows them to better enjoy content from their favorite foreign creators in their native language without having to navigate to a separate dubbed channel.

Why Is Multi-Language Audio Good For YouTubers?

Many of the world’s most popular YouTubers, like MrBeast, are from the West and speak English. Yet less than 14% of the global population actually speaks and understands English. 

If you’re a YouTube creator, you have one consistent, overarching goal: increase views to scale your sphere of influence ever upward. 

Eventually, though, you’ll have expanded to all your available target demographic in your geographic region, at which point there’s only one direction left to grow: worldwide. 

That’s exactly what MrBeast did

He started by creating multiple channels which served as hubs for his content that had already been dubbed into different languages (like MrBeast Espanol). 

But once YouTube gave him access to multi-language audio for testing, he found that he could add dubbed audio tracks to his original English videos – a far more efficient and time-saving method.

This also meant that he could begin funneling his international audience to his primary channel, thus boosting the view count on his most successful content. 

In his words in an interview with YouTube content creator Rene Ritchie, the feature “supercharges the heck” out of his videos and “added a lot of views per video for us.”

MrBeast isn't the only success story. According to YouTube, creators who tested multi-language audio found that 15% of the watch time on their videos was coming from viewers who accessed one of the dubbed audio tracks. 

How Do You Turn On Multi-Language Audio on a Video?

Accessing the dubbed audio tracks on a YouTube video as a viewer is easy enough. All you have to do is click on the Settings symbol on the video player for the content you’re watching, select Audio track, and then choose the language you prefer to listen to.

How Do You Use Multi-Language Audio on YouTube? 

What about creators? How do they make this feature available on their videos?

Just like toggling multi-language audio on the video player, using it on your original content is also incredibly simple. While you’re uploading a new video to your channel, just use the Subtitles Editor to add audio tracks of your video that are spoken in different languages.

Once you publish the video and it goes live, your non-native English fans can select their preferred language dub from the ones you uploaded and continue to consume your content.

Generate New Global Audiences With Dubs From BeMultilingual 

The stats don’t lie: multi-language audio is the future of increasing views for your YouTube content. 

But throughout this article, you may have been wondering how you can get dubs of your videos in other languages that you may not know. 

The answer is BeMultilingual. We’re a dubbing company that works alongside YouTubers to dub their video audio tracks into more than 20 foreign languages. 

We’ve already helped several amazing YouTube creators. Now we want to help you generate new audiences that you never knew you could tap into before.

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