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BeMultilingual Blog — 2 min read — October 30, 2023

Most Popular Languages on YouTube, Languages With the Highest CPM, and What Languages to Dub Into



Most Popular Languages on YouTube, Languages With the Highest CPM, and What Languages to Dub Into

Most Popular Languages on YouTube

Based on the article “My Youtube earnings” by Brick Experiment Channel, who has a universal audience due to the fact there is no speaking in his videos, we are able to break down the most popular languages based on the views he has received from 2017-2023 excluding English. 

Based on the graph, the most popular languages in order besides English are:

  1. Hindi (72.9 Million)

  2. Spanish (55.2 Million)

  3. Russian (42.5 Million)

  4. Vietnamese (36.1 Million)

  5. German (31.8 Million)

  6. French (31.8 Million)

  7. Portuguese (31.6 Million)

  8. Indonesian (27.6 Million)

  9. Polish (20.8 Million)

  10. Filipino (18.3 Million)

  11. Turkish (17.9 Million)

Languages With the Highest CPM on YouTube

BEC’s article also highlights the different CPM from each country (how much advertisers pay for every 1,000 views on his video). Using this information we can compile a CPM per language denoted in USD. Note that CPM’s vary widely on YouTube based on the content category, duration, and number of mid rolls placed on the video.

Based on the graph, the languages with the highest CPM besides English are:

Each CPM is in USD

  1. German: $3.86

  2. French: $2.87

  3. Polish: $1.45

  4. Russian: $1.37

  5. Spanish: $0.91

  6. Portuguese: $0.91

  7. Filipino: $0.78

  8. Vietnamese: $0.63

  9. Indonesian: $0.61

  10. Hindi: $0.53

  11. Turkish: $0.52

What Languages to Dub Into on YouTube

When considering what language to dub into on YouTube there are two factors to consider: 1) The number of viewers that will be added 2) The CPM these new viewers bring. Based on this, and the data collected throughout this article, we can compare the relationship between Views and CPM in different languages on YouTube. 

In conclusion, the best languages to dub your content would be:

However, three languages to highlight are Hindi, Vietnamese and Indonesian as although their CPM is low, they have high viewership potential, with Hindi ranking number one in potential boost in views. 

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