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BeMultilingual Blog — 3 min read — January 12, 2024

Why Video Dubbing is Becoming the New YouTube Meta

Sam Barclay

Sam Barclay

Why Video Dubbing is Becoming the New YouTube Meta

The rise of video dubbing on YouTube is a game-changer, making dubbed videos an essential strategy for content creators.

The practice involves replacing the original audio with a track in a different language. For instance, an English YouTube channel will dub their English content into another language, like Spanish.

Channels across YouTube have been dubbing videos for years. To see the impact it has on them, check out these examples:

YouTube Channel

Main Channel Subscribers

Dubbed Channel Subscribers

% Growth Contributed by Dubbed Channel

Dhar Mann




Like Nastya












Sources: Dhar Mann, Like Nastya, Veritasium, Kurzgesagt

The percentage increase in subscribers for dubbed channels like Dhar Mann, Like Nastya, Veritasium, and Kurzgesagt highlights the immense potential of video dubbing. To learn why this works, see below.

Why is Video Dubbing the New YouTube Meta


One of the most significant benefits of video dubs on YouTube is its ability to expand a channel's reach.

Consider the case of "Like Nastya." Initially, their main channel, in English, garnered an impressive 112M subscribers. This was a remarkable achievement, and more subscribers than 99% of YouTube channels will ever have. However, this all changed after they created their dubbed channels.

By video dubbing, "Like Nastya" didn't just replicate their content in different languages but unlocked global connectivity. The result? A staggering surge in their total subscriber count.

With the addition of dubbed channels, they leapfrogged from 112M to 239.2M subscribers. The impact of video dubbing here is crystal clear - it's a gateway to a broader, more diverse, and global audience.


The success behind video dubs lies in its localization.

Yes, AI-based dubbing offers a quick and easy solution, but it often needs to catch up in authenticity and cultural nuances. AI voices tend to lack variation, depth, and the natural flow of conversation. This is where accurate video dubbing shines through - its ability to be deeply localized.

At BeMultilingual, accurate dubbing is prioritized. This approach allows for a more nuanced and culturally relevant translation of content. We don't just change the language; we help adapt the content to resonate with different cultural sensibilities and linguistic subtleties. This level of localization is inviting and engaging for audiences, providing them with tailor-made content.

Competitive Advantage

For English speakers, especially in the US and Western Europe, it's easy to overestimate the prevalence of English worldwide. However, in reality, English is the third-most spoken language.

Source: Statista 

The image above indicates that if you dub your content into Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, and Bengali, you're tapping into the native languages of most of the world's population. By doing so, creators can double or even triple their views and subscriber counts.

Want Dubbed Videos?

As you can see, video dubbing is a game-changer for YouTube's growth. It's a bridge to a world of untapped audiences ready to engage with your content in their native tongue.

At BeMultilingual, we're about translating words and connecting cultures. Our dubbing services are your ticket to capturing the hearts and minds of viewers globally.

If you're ready to take your YouTube channel to the next level, contact us today, and let's help you connect with a global audience. 

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